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ReconFTI Overview

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What is ReconFTI?

ReconFTI is a software that reconstructs functional tensor images from conventional functional magnetic resonance images. Reconstructed functional tensor images can be used to delineate functional pathways in the human brain. These functional pathways may help neuroscientists understand how different cortical regions of the human brain interact with each other.

How is the ReconFTI Software different from other docking tools?

There are no similar tools. The closest one is DTIStudio. The DTIStudio reconstructs diffusion tensor images of the human brain. The diffusion tensor images provide information regarding brain structural connectivity instead of functional pathways.

Who developed the ReconFTI software?

Dr. Ding Zhaohau at Vanderbilt University Institute of Imaging Science

How does it work?

Details are available in the peer-reviewed publication listed below:

Ding, Z, Newton, AT, Xu, R, Anderson, AW, Morgan, VL, Gore, JC. Spatio-temporal correlation tensors reveal functional structure in human brain.., PLoS One, 8(12), e82107, 2013.

What software needs to be installed for proper working of ReconFTI?


What computer platforms/operating systems are recommended for ReconFTI to work?


What are the ReconFTI materials provided through this license?

The ReconFTI source code..

What is the cost of ReconFTI license?

ReconFTI is provided free of charge to academic and not-for-profit institutions via our academic online licensing process for non-commercial research purposes. Once you have completed checkout with this item, you will receive an e-mail with download instructions. ReconFTI must be licensed commercially by users at for-profit institutions. Please provide the initial licensee information requested in this form, and a representative will contact you to review licensing options for your organization.